Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

In four years of travelling to Denmark I had never been to the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art! Shameful. So on Day 4 of our trip we visited - it was definately worth the wait.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is situated in Denmark on the North Zealand coast in a spacious, old park with a fine view across the sound of Sweden.

It houses an exquisite collection of modern art by international artists such as Arp, Francis Bacon, Calder, Dubuffet, Max Ernst, Sam Francis, Giacometti, Kiefer, Henry Moore, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Warhol.

Louisiana is not merely an experience in modern and contemporary art, but a reflection of the interplay between art, architecture and landscape.

The gorgeous park serves as an ideal setting for displaying the museum’s collection of modern sculptures.

Similarly the prominent museum buildings, constructed between 1958 and 1998, offer a fascinating background for the permanent collection of twentieth century art.

We were there for hours & took in a traditional Danish picnic on the lawns - beautiful.

Copenhagen Buying Trip - August 2007

Day 3 of buying trip, jet lag kicking in nicely. On the way to breakfast we bumped into Lars, a dealer I hadn't seen for a year.

Lars mentioned he thought he had a Finn Juhl sofa the Poet, which I have dreamed about finding.

In his truck & off to his warehouse, we literally hopped over the top of a room full of furniture and dropped down between a couple of sofas trying to work out if one of them was the Poet. Had a look at the sofa and found the legs weren’t exactly right, so I got down on the ground and took a closer look and decided it was a early copy, still a great little sofa but no Finn Juhl.

I did find some easy chairs for a Brisbane client, 4 of the Hans Wegner Paddle arm chairs by Getama, perfect, exactly what they wanted, and a stunning old leather sofa, more 30’s /40’s style that I have found once before, fantastic quality with a great patina.

The Scandinavian Rocking Horse

I couldn't resist this Rocking Horse, maybe because I'm expecting my first child soon?

Either way it's a beautiful example of Scandinavian design; plenty of fine details & drawn by architects. In true Danish style it has fine expression, form, shape & in clean beech this piece can enter into the furnishings of any home.

And of course the function has not been overlooked as the handles can be moved into three different positions so the horse can grow with the child!

All produced with non-toxic materials, security strap, rounded edges - & don't forget the seat cushion in micro - suede in your choice of gorgeous colours.

Summer's Must Have

I’ve been looking for just the bar right stool for a while & the Erik Buch design from the 60’s was what I wanted.

Recently I tracked down the factory it was made in 50 years ago and it’s still in production.

Prebenschou Fabrik have also added a swivel base option along with the standard fixed seat. A must have for summer.

Available in oak, walnut or teak with soap or oil finish.

Harp History

Today we visited the company that manufactures the famous Harp chair, J.C Snedkeri. What was so special about this visit was we had the opportunity to see and sit in the original/ prototype Harp chair, that was made by hand by the designer Jørgen Høvelskov in his basement for the Copenhagen Cabinet-Makers´Guild Furntiure Exhibition in 1963 .

It was amazing to see what would have been the designers first physical manifestation of his idea. It had been painted a matt black, the wood was oak I believe and he had use a large bolt to pull it together. It was originally called the Viking ship by him and it was only through the media that it became know as the Harp chair.

At the factory we were also able to spend some time looking over all Jørgen Høvelskov's original drawings and sketches on paper, and to my utter surprise he had also deisgned a dining table, dining chairs and a coffee table in the same vein as the Harp Chair. The dining table was 3 legged and to be produced with a marble or stone top. I am hoping to get a copy of all his drawings and sketches so we can exhibit them in our Showrooms and provide them to our clients, really beautiful sketches on draft paper.

The original Harp Chair will be donated to the Copenhagen Design Centre where it will be on display permanently, but we do hope one day it may travel the world for an exhibition in Australia, maybe even at the Great Dane Showrooms, we are working hard to make this happen.

I asked why he only made this one design and not the other pieces, and sadly from quite a young age he was sick and although only recently passing in the last few years he was not to see the realization of his other designs. Hopefully through J.C Snedkeri and their skilled craftsmen, we may get the absolute joy of seeing a range of furniture deisgned over 40 years ago brought to life as he would have wanted it. He is survived by his brother, who unfortunately can shed little light on the inspiration besides the obvious ship reference, to where this incredible deisgn came from. I would have loved to have been in the room the day he came up with the design, what was it that triggered him? what inspired his thoughts?…. A rare treat to get such a wonderful insight into a design classic.

Copenhagen Buying Trip - August 2007

My first day in Denmark this trip was busy, it was early August and we had been really lucky with sunshine, which all the Danes had been complaining about the lack of this summer.

We get in around 2pm and head straight out to my first appointment. I had my list of what our clients were wanting alongside my Showroom Managers requests.

My first appointment was not too far out of CPH and was greeted on the street by Michael, one of our suppliers and his trusty dog.

Unfortunately Balen the dog had been over fed by a visiting guest; the farting began as we set off on our hour drive. Poor Michael was so embarrassed, Balan felt good about it, we laughed all the way.

Anyway, got to the warehouse and got some fresh air!

I found a fantastic piece of glass, a wall plate, quite rare, Per Lutken for Holmegaard. Michael sometimes has the ever elusive bear chair and I was lucky enough to find one last time, as we had a client who was looking for an original in teak.