Copenhagen Buying Trip - March 2007

Wake around 4am, going over schedule for day, first appointment is at 10am with Jens and Jimmy.

It’s snowing and I have to explain to the Cab driver where the warehouse is as it’s an old ship building yard. I get there and it is great to see Jens, lovely old guy, burning rubber on his 4 wheel scooter.

It’s freezing, and getting colder, snowing outside.

Start having a look around the warehouse is around 10,000 sq meters.

By 11am my feet are numb and my face frozen, I bum a cigarette from a dealer in the vain hope of warming my lungs, even though I don’t really smoke and have cup of possible the worst coffee imaginable out of a percolator that has probably not been cleaned ever!!!

Came across a fantastic gymnasium horse in suede, a small and large one, must be 40 years old, will look fantastic in the Showroom for display. Also found a particular chair and footstool by Wikkelsoe a customer has requested, I've never seen the footstool for this model before, so she will be very pleased.

Spend the next 3 hours hunting through and catching up with all the dealers that work out of there, which is always fun, found some lovely old blue and white ceramics from an old restaurant.

Have seen a desk a client has been looking for, really feeling the cold now, and I haven’t eaten for 4 hours; the guy who runs the food stand is smart and doesn’t open during winter.

My next appointment shows up to take me to his warehouse and we hit the 7 Eleven on the way for the standard hotdog, Coke and Snickers; he is woofing down beer, always a good sign.

Luckily his basement warehouse is heated from pipes, my toes are slowing coming back to me, so I quite enjoy looking around, found a few other customer requests that our clients had specifically asked for. Most exciting find is some very rare Hans Wegner Deck chairs, which I have only ever seen in books and mags, so purchase both. Really great find.

Then back to the hotel. It’s 5pm and I have been up since 4am, feeling a little dopey, fall asleep and wake up around 1am to send photos and email to Showrooms for their clients. Try to go back to sleep and can’t so watch some bad movies and type this thing.

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