// All Tied Up

The Knot Chair

“For me it is all about shape, touch and use. I believe that fine products will be loved longer and that way becomes sustainable in the end.”
Tatsuo Kuroda

With all of the characteristics we expect of a chair, but with a modern Scandinavian look characterized by workmanship working hand in hand with good sitting features. The result is comfort for both body and eye.

Placed at the head of the table, the Knot Chair brings a relaxed element to a paired dining setting, with a clean white on white look.

The Knot Chair has a clean and simple expression that leads the thoughts to classic 1950's furniture. It's all in its details, such as the dominant jointing points in natural paper cord, which also provide optimal sitting comfort.


// Live Dine Rest

 Country Road Collaboration

Living to create a unique nesting space where memories can be born, resting on a cozy couch curled up with a warm woven throw, dining amongst family with a feast of your favorite home cooked dishes, this is what home means to Great Dane.

To share this message, we teamed up with Country Road to collectively collaborate living, dinning and resting in true Scandinavian and Australian style.
A creative synergy between two iconic brands to deliver aspirational interior and homeware staples to enhance and complete the spaces you cherish the most.

Here are some of our top favourite pics, although we did love them all!

// A Functional Sanctuary

Home organisation is not only having your bills and paperwork filled away in a neat and orderly fashion and trinkets boxed up and stored away in the cupboard.
To us it is about designing a space you feel inspired to work in, clarity of having everything in it’s place, and the luxury of displaying all of your most treasured possessions.

From little Danes who proudly display magical babushka dolls and re-read storybooks to designers and architects with fondness for order and perfect proportions, there is a certain luxury that comes with having ‘everything in it’s place’.

String - A lifestyle choice.