Products I love.

I have been working for the last 6 months on Great Dane representing probably one of the most prestigious Danish furniture manufacturers, PP Møbler. Møbler have been in business for over 50 years and are have the most extensive collection of Wegner chairs still in production. The range includes 'The Chair' and the 'Teddy Bear' or 'Bamsa Stol', which would have to be one of my favourite chairs.

The chair was nicknamed the Teddy Bear Chair when a journo sat in it at the original exhibition it was launched at, and exclaimed the wooden paws/arms and the shape made him feel as if he was being hugged by a bear!

PP Møbler still maintains an amazing quality standard and as such demand for their product it has a 6 month delivery time. I am thrilled that Great Dane now represents them and look forward to bringing this beautifully made furniture to our clients.

The Dane Inspired By Spain

The ‘Spanish Chair’ is one of Børge Mogensen’s most famous works, combining inspiration from traditional Spanish pieces with the Danish love for simplicity and practicality in furniture design. Everyone should own a Spanish Chair!

Designed in 1958, the Spanish Chair was inspired by a traditional chair type that Børge Mogensen saw on a trip to Spain. Back at the drawing board in Denmark, Mogensen took the basic idea and stripped it of embellishments and upholstery to achieve this simple and graphical piece.

Constructed from oak with a natural stretched leather seat and back, comfort is definitely one of the key characteristics of the Spanish Chair. The clean lines and simple materials also combine to ensure that Mogensen’s Spanish Chair is a piece of furniture that has remained relevant to contemporary design and has easy to reproduce to keep up with the high demand for it throughout the last fifty years.

Fredericia Furniture

Fredericia Furniture is a family-owned business, which has contributed to creating international respect for Danish design for generations.

The business is closely connected to the name of Børge Mogensen and it produces the majority of the famous furniture architect’s classics. Since the beginning of the 1990s, co-operation with some of today’s best Danish designers has drawn renewed attention to Fredericia Furniture, the collection of which comprises some of the most talked about and prized furniture in recent years.

By sharing a common passion for timeless design and respect for quality, we have established an exclusive relationship with this manufacturers. The products are exceptionally beautiful. Check out the range here.

Panel Your World

My rosewood obession continues.

Check out these amazing panels.

When I first started going to Denmark I began sourcing panels of rosewood, and I took the opportunity of creating a floor-to-ceiling wall in my office. It looks amazing.

On my last trip to Denmark I was lucky enough to find sixty vintage rosewood panels in their original packaging. In superb condition they are perfect for feature walls, lift interiors and tabletops.

Rosewood Coloured Glasses

I love rosewood. Every chance I get I collect it. Last month in Denmark I picked up a rosewood letter opener for my own personal collection.

Something I'm also really excited about is The Y-chair or "The Wishbone Chair". A Wegner classic from the 1950s, it has remained popular because of its beautiful finish.

Bramin was a small manufacturer who wanted to interpret Wegner’s Y chair but in Rosewood. Due to the hardness and nature of rosewood he had to create joins in the back rest to accommodate the curve in the back. this only enhances the chair and adds to its uniqueness.

On my last trip I found 30 from an old restaurant that had closed down.

Copenhagen Buying Trip March 2007

Monday train to Jutland, about 3 hours away for 2 appointments. 9am first appointment, picked up and greeted by a jumping dog, Balin, very cute who proceeds to take up residence on my lap on the way to the warehouse.

Start having a look around, but with little success, too expensive and not great quality, spend about 2 hours going through the place, find a piece that a Brisbane client has been after for a while, so visit has been worth it, a great quality Berg Mogenson cabinet and bookcase in oak.

Also located a stunning Kai Kristiansen desk which I have coveted for ages, as well as other Wegner chairs a client in Brisbane has been after for a while.

I then go through about 100 dining tables to find the ones that I’m after and sit down and hammer out a deal for the 50 dining tables and 250 dining chairs I have chosen. I then go about photographing and cataloging these for our clients to see.

By the time I'm finished my fingers are numb as are my feet, and its snowing through the roof, but I’ m still having fun, even if I cant feel it. I find a couple of nice pieces of rosewood to add to my personal collection, a beautiful rosewood letter opener and little Haslev side table a client in Sydney has been after for a while. The dealer mentions I was in luck and if I was happy to pay for the cab rides (not cheap), there was a couple of big indoor flea markets that were finishing around 5pm, so we might find some bargains, and it will be fun anyway.

The first one is a basketball arena, full of stalls, he has a great eye and within minute is pointing out vintage Holmegaard and Quistgaard pieces, and the fun begins.

We meet up with another guy I have been trying to get a hold of for while. He is old and very grumpy!!!! It turns out he has the largest collection of teak and rosewood figurines I have ever seen, none of which he wants to sell! There are a few old guys like this who have small basement shops, where you can’t see anything, it’s stacked up so high. You can barley get into these shops and whenever you ask for a price you get a 10 minute lecture about the piece. I feel eventually one day, one of them will probably turn around and say; “I’ll sell you the whole shop”. It’s a dream, I can only imagine the things you would end up with!!!

Anyway the one thing I wanted was a pair of rare Wegner sofas I had seen through the window the day before, but an American had beat me to it, oh well.

Copenhagen Buying Trip - March 2007

Wake around 4am, going over schedule for day, first appointment is at 10am with Jens and Jimmy.

It’s snowing and I have to explain to the Cab driver where the warehouse is as it’s an old ship building yard. I get there and it is great to see Jens, lovely old guy, burning rubber on his 4 wheel scooter.

It’s freezing, and getting colder, snowing outside.

Start having a look around the warehouse is around 10,000 sq meters.

By 11am my feet are numb and my face frozen, I bum a cigarette from a dealer in the vain hope of warming my lungs, even though I don’t really smoke and have cup of possible the worst coffee imaginable out of a percolator that has probably not been cleaned ever!!!

Came across a fantastic gymnasium horse in suede, a small and large one, must be 40 years old, will look fantastic in the Showroom for display. Also found a particular chair and footstool by Wikkelsoe a customer has requested, I've never seen the footstool for this model before, so she will be very pleased.

Spend the next 3 hours hunting through and catching up with all the dealers that work out of there, which is always fun, found some lovely old blue and white ceramics from an old restaurant.

Have seen a desk a client has been looking for, really feeling the cold now, and I haven’t eaten for 4 hours; the guy who runs the food stand is smart and doesn’t open during winter.

My next appointment shows up to take me to his warehouse and we hit the 7 Eleven on the way for the standard hotdog, Coke and Snickers; he is woofing down beer, always a good sign.

Luckily his basement warehouse is heated from pipes, my toes are slowing coming back to me, so I quite enjoy looking around, found a few other customer requests that our clients had specifically asked for. Most exciting find is some very rare Hans Wegner Deck chairs, which I have only ever seen in books and mags, so purchase both. Really great find.

Then back to the hotel. It’s 5pm and I have been up since 4am, feeling a little dopey, fall asleep and wake up around 1am to send photos and email to Showrooms for their clients. Try to go back to sleep and can’t so watch some bad movies and type this thing.