// More Than Just Your Standard Big White Room - Great Dane Fitzroy Turns One!

Happy birthday to us, how the time flies! It has been one year since the Fitzroy showroom opened its doors and what a year it has been! In the short space of time we have had so much fun playing in the new space, mixing exciting new products with old favourites, throwing a party or two (or three), paper cording crafternoons, pop up coffee shops...

People still talk about - The infamous Whisky Den.

A delicious Great Dane Christmas dinner.

Clarke St Pop Up Cafe and Brew Bar in the Great Dane loading dock

There is little to not like about this leafy side of town and our Fitzroy Showroom fits in perfectly, showcasing new contemporary pieces from Scandinavian masters of design in an inspiring and unique space. High gloss white floors and grey walls and ceilings are the canvases on which carefully edited collections of furniture, homewares, lighting and accessories take customers on the Great Dane journey.

The ever changing mood as one walks through and around the room, mixing new with old - Pastoe Sideboard and Muuto Cosy Lamp

A brighter point of view facing Johnston St. The chair wall - take your pick!

Retail design expert Gary McCartney from McCartney Design helped bring about Anton's vision of a modern Scandinavian store to life. Here he explains how the Fitzroy Showroom differs from other furniture retail spaces.

“Anton is very skilled in the way he curates collections and selects pieces for Great Dane, so it was important to provide him with a space that complimented his expertise,” says McCartney.

“The new Great Dane space is more than just your standard, big, white room. Our design essence, from the feature curve created, to the warm grey ‘Scandinavian Midnight Sky’ tone of the walls and ceilings, were inspired by the freshness of Scandinavian style. We wanted to create a space in which the furniture ‘popped’ and could be displayed on different levels and in different ways.” 

Playing with tones of greys and dusty pinks. The Baklava Floor Lamp, Nanna Ditzel Side Table and Sunday Sofa.

Projection walls, mood lighting and our favourite classic/modern combination of Walnut Kai and Johansen Table all being watched over by the artistic Kvist

The result is exactly that. A space that inspires customers to embrace the contemporary yet warm edge of Scandinavian design and select products to create their own Great space at home.

The Great Dane Fitzroy Showroom showcases Anton's appreciation of contemporary design from the smartest Scandinavian design studios. An appreciation and passion that continues to inspire and excite customers.

Just when you thought we had bragged enough we have to mention our fabulous Fitzroy Showroom staff who make the experience all the more unique. Pop in to visit Errin, Shawn and Steve, stay for a chat to them about our products, take a seat on exclusive sofas, browse through our carefully curated accessories on the great curved wall and enjoy the absolute best of Scandinavian design chosen just for you, right here in Fitzroy!

Others Talking Great Dane Fitzroy:

// Production Without Assembly Lines - J.L. Møller

Who better than Møller themselves to encapsulate the reasons (and they are many) why the pieces that leave their workshop are celebrated worldwide for quality and craftsmanship? Their passionate and simple statements below are also effortlessly reflected on to of their each and every one of their chairs and tables.

In their own words:

"Our furniture is not built on an assembly line.

Anything second best has to go."

Authentically J.L. Moller under the #71

"Each employee is a specialist in specific work processes for creating the chair, giving it a unique quality and elegance.

At J.L. Møller tenons, mortises and dowels are all glued by hand. All chairs leave the factory fully assembled. It is literally impossible to pull a Møller chair apart."

"Polishing machines are not used for the final polish, as they treat all wood alike. 

Instead the chairs are polished by hand. This is J.L. Møller's policy in all production phases."

"If the latest technology does not give a better and more satisfactory result than the well-known craft methods, it is quite simply not employed in the factory."

#57 Carver

#63 bench image via Doherty Lynch


However it doesn't take a master cabinetmaker to see the hand crafted quality in all Moller products. We enjoy working with people who take such great pride in what they do, it makes us happy to know we supply only the best. Buy once buy well at Great Dane. Scandinavian luxury starts right here...