Vodder draws nearer.....

The Vodder production is coming along and as with all new ventures there are hiccups.

We were extremely lucky last month as the cabinet maker that is producing the Vodder range had a fire at his workshop and our 1st production run had been destroyed.  Luckily we had shipped the completed products the day before!  This would have set us back and almost made it impossible to undertake the Stockholm Fair in February.

The samples arrive in 10 days, we have to shoot white background and in-situ shots for a full catalogue and have it to the printers before Christmas, so a tight schedule. I am really looking forward to seeing the range in its entirety, I think only then will I realize the enormity of what we have undertaken.

Along with this, we are getting ready for the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which is only 2 months, 8 weeks!! Our fair stand designer is almost finished even though he doesn’t speak Danish and our cabinet maker, who is making the stand doesn’t speak English........ I hope this google translator is reliable!!!

But we are exicted all the same and I’m sure it will come together and be one of those things we will look back on as a company and realize just what a huge thing it is we have achieved. I am very proud of what we are doing and when I spoke with Arne the other day, I asked him how it made him feel and he chuckled and said and I quote “ it will keep me alive for a few more days!”.