Return to Copenhagen

I am just about to return to Denmark, and this would have to be one of the most exciting trip I have had. I am meeting with Arne Vodder and his cabinet maker to go over the samples of the Vodder sideboard they have made for us, to ensure we are all happy with the result.

I have been working on this now for almost a year and cannot tell you how fantastic it will be to actually clap eyes on the samples that Daniel (the cabinet maker) has produced. Having Arne and the cabinet maker together will really provide me with an understanding of how these guys did it 60 years ago, when the designer actually worked with the cabinet maker, collaborating to ensuring the end result is true to the original design, but at the same time of practical and can actually be produced.

I intend to take my video cam with me, (which I must admit was really purchased for my wife for Xmas to video our daughter Persia), in the hope of being able to bring to you a sense of this unique experience. I am also meeting with several other manufactures in the hope of re introducing a few more old designs back into production. I will keep you posted. Hygge!