// Production Without Assembly Lines - J.L. Møller

Who better than Møller themselves to encapsulate the reasons (and they are many) why the pieces that leave their workshop are celebrated worldwide for quality and craftsmanship? Their passionate and simple statements below are also effortlessly reflected on to of their each and every one of their chairs and tables.

In their own words:

"Our furniture is not built on an assembly line.

Anything second best has to go."

Authentically J.L. Moller under the #71

"Each employee is a specialist in specific work processes for creating the chair, giving it a unique quality and elegance.

At J.L. Møller tenons, mortises and dowels are all glued by hand. All chairs leave the factory fully assembled. It is literally impossible to pull a Møller chair apart."

"Polishing machines are not used for the final polish, as they treat all wood alike. 

Instead the chairs are polished by hand. This is J.L. Møller's policy in all production phases."

"If the latest technology does not give a better and more satisfactory result than the well-known craft methods, it is quite simply not employed in the factory."

#57 Carver

#63 bench image via Doherty Lynch


However it doesn't take a master cabinetmaker to see the hand crafted quality in all Moller products. We enjoy working with people who take such great pride in what they do, it makes us happy to know we supply only the best. Buy once buy well at Great Dane. Scandinavian luxury starts right here...

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