Copenhagen Buying Trip - August 2007

Day 3 of buying trip, jet lag kicking in nicely. On the way to breakfast we bumped into Lars, a dealer I hadn't seen for a year.

Lars mentioned he thought he had a Finn Juhl sofa the Poet, which I have dreamed about finding.

In his truck & off to his warehouse, we literally hopped over the top of a room full of furniture and dropped down between a couple of sofas trying to work out if one of them was the Poet. Had a look at the sofa and found the legs weren’t exactly right, so I got down on the ground and took a closer look and decided it was a early copy, still a great little sofa but no Finn Juhl.

I did find some easy chairs for a Brisbane client, 4 of the Hans Wegner Paddle arm chairs by Getama, perfect, exactly what they wanted, and a stunning old leather sofa, more 30’s /40’s style that I have found once before, fantastic quality with a great patina.

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