Stunning Sideboard

This sideboard was designed in 1959 by Arne Vodder, hard to believe, possibly one of the most outstanding sideboards I have ever had the priviledge to find.
I purchased this sideboard over 12 months ago, and it has taken me this long to decide to have it restored for sale. The door colours were matched as close to the original as possible, and had to be re-done numerous times before I was happy with the colours.
The combination of palisander (Brazilian rosewood), steel and colour is one of modern design, and would not be thought of as over 50 years old; and is a perfect example of how far ahead of their time designers such as Vodder were.
Vodder clearly had a wonderful flair for colour and balance and produced some outstanding works. If you by chance read a previous blog, I had a chest of drawers by Vodder that had the same distinctive handles as this sideboard, I sometimes wish I had kept the chest as I have only ever seen it once before.
Details of the sideboard.

Designer: Arne Vodder 1926-
Producer: Sibast Furniture
Designed: 1956
Material: Palisander and steel, with reversible painted doors

Hope you enjoy this piece

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