Rusakko Soft Toys

The Rusakko soft toy collection of animals are 100% natural and 100% organic. Stuffed with cotton grass from the Finnish marshes that is spun with wool then held together by cotton and linen.

Cotton grass can only be combined with the wool after it has lain for at least 500 years in the Finnish marsh, making them some of the “oldest” stuffed toys in the world.

Substances drawn from the Finnish marshes are known to have relaxation effects, and many of the ingredients are used as therapeutic aids. The Rusakko toys are extremely calming, once you hold them; you will never want to let them go.

Every animal is handmade from start to finish by Marjatta Lahtinen and her employees in a tiny factory in Finland. Marjatta Lahtinen says, “Each stuffed animal is made with love and special respect to the materials provided by nature. That is why every one of them is a unique individual.”

The range currently in store includes the reindeer, girl and boy mice, the horse and the rabbit, which can easily switch from girl rabbit to boy rabbit, with a quick change of clothes.

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