The Arne Vodder Range takes from May

When I first started working with Arne Vodder (AV) in February, we only really discussed the famous sideboard as it is such an iconic piece and depending on the model and wood is fetching around $15,000 AUD. I have been collecting and putting away a small range of Arne’s work, including his bedside chests, chests of drawers and a sideboard all of which have the distinctive organic handle/drawer and I intend to bring these pieces out of hiding when we launch the new AV range.

As thrilled as I was with the sideboard going back into production for Great Dane, in my heart I really was hoping Arne and I could talk about the entire range, so when I caught up with Arne on my last visit to Denmark we started talking about bringing back to life the entire AV range!

Arne and I discussed and talked about his designs at length and pulled together a stunning range including 2 dining tables, hall table/servery, bedside chest, chest of drawers sideboard and coffee table, creating a stunning range that will be a world wide exclusive for Great Dane, something I am very proud of.

I have attached images of the original catalogue drawings of the sideboard/chest of drawers, dining table, bedside chest and a photo of a rare vintage hall table/serving table, and a sketch by Arne of a coffee table he designed for P Jeppesen in 1969; all of these along with the famous Arne Vodder sideboard will make up the AV range.

The 1st 10 items produced of each design will be numbered and signed by Arne Vodder himself, and will be offering these exclusively to our Great Dane clients.

I will keep you posted, hope you enjoy the images.

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Andrew Bryan said...

Hi, I have recently come across an original Arne Vodder highback easy chair. It was part of the France & Son collection, and originally distributed here in the US by John Stuart Inc.

It is decent shape other than the bottom, which was replaced using a piece of plywood.

I have seen photos of the original, which has a frame and what appear to be springs of some type or elastic banding.

Do you know of anywhere where I could possibly get a shop drawing for the chair?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.