AV Range will arrive December!

Well I am on the way home now, it has been an amazing trip, quite surreal in fact, I think my head is still spinning from the experience!

Yesterday was a really special, Arne and his wife Jona had me over for lunch, so Arne and I had a really nice chance to just chat.

I was thrilled as Arne shared with me his archive of work since the 50’s, photos, drawings, sketches, but there is one piece in particular which was just stunning; an original water colour by Arne of a chaise lounge he designed for Bovirke, I asked if he did this for all his pieces, but he chuckled and said he was too lazy to do it for all of them!

Arne very kindly allowed me to borrow what I needed, which of course I was thrilled about, so I am guarding them with my life and intend to make copies of all the images and documentation, as they would make some fantastic posters and resources for our clients and just to have.

Arne and I talked about the day at the factory, I wanted to make sure he was happy with the finished sample of the sideboard and dining table, which he was, as was I and even more thrilled to be able to bring back to life Arne’s work and in the right way.

I am really happy to say that the AV range will be available in Australia before anywhere else in the world, as we will get 1st delivery in December 09.

Arne and I also decided for the sideboards we will be numbering the 1st production run, so if you are keen to secure one the first sideboards produced in almost 50 years, you can contact your local showroom for more info.
We sat and talked for hours and discussed Arne’s early work and study under Finn Juhl, who was a lecturer at the Copenhagen Institute and the influence on Arne’s work, it was a great insight into the close relationship Arne had with Finn Juhl, with whom he became friends with.

We also looked through all of the old catalogues and I learnt a great deal about some of the designs not only by Arne but also by other designers he worked with or had 1st hand knowledge of. These chairs made by Sibast were attributed to Arne, but were actually designed by Helge Sibast.

I have attached another chair, which I have always know as Niels Vodder or Finn Juhl, but Arne and I talked about this and he corrected me that this was his work and could really see the influence of Finn Juhl, the organic nature of the chair, the bird like structure, very reminiscent of Juhl.

I have also attached a very rare Arne Vodder design. This coffee table was designed for Bovirke and is often attributed to Niels Vodder, but again is Arne. A very rare piece in a perfect combination of teak with oak legs. It was a great to to sit and chat with Arne, he is charming and funny, and has a wonderful sense of self, humble and inspiring.

I hope you enjoy.

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