Surreal Reality

Bit hard to remember this day, bit of a blur!

Soren and I arrived early to the cabinet makers so I could sit down with Daniel and go though some business things, we were greeted by a finished sideboard in Oak, it was a little moving really to see it finished in the flesh, pretty cool really I thought, we have done it.

Soren and talked with Daniel and went over the details of the sideboard and the dining table, we also had very fortuitously found a very rare example of one of the bedsides and the hall table in Palisander, which I must say in 6 years of looking for furniture, I have never seen either. It seemed unreal they should be found now of all times, when we are about to re launch the design. On top of which Arne later told me he thinks Sibast only made around 50 of the hall tables, so its quite a find.

Rasmus and Momo (the photographer) showed up, and as Rasmus had not seen any of the prototypes, it was great for him to see the finished one, he was very happy, which is very important as he is the sales agent for the AV range in Scandinavia.

Then Arne cruised in very relaxed with his grandson who had driven him to the cabinet makers, It was quite a moment, perhaps even a bit overwhelming to see Arne looking at his finished sample; for me not Arne, he was very chilled as per usual!

We all looked over the range and talked with each other about how special the day was, then Daniel showed us around the factory as he is working on another couple of things for us and he wanted to show us the progress.

Then the Danish lunch of course, the open sandwiches, with fish and shrimp, and the terrible black coffee (sorry Denmark, it’s really not great). We all talked and Arne chatted about his work and that his famous desk is in Jimmy Carters home, Qaddafi home and a gangster from Chicago, good to know we are in great company!!!
Then we had Momo to take some more photos with Arne and then we all really just seemed to take a little time enjoy what was the day.

I feel exhausted & emotional & incredible proud of what we've all been able to acheive. Now I cant wait to get them home!


Jonathan said...

Sounds like an amazing trip Anton. It's not often that something so special is rediscovered and reborn after so many years - can understand why you are so excited. Can't wait to see the AV range first hand.

Celia said...

how wonderful to have this opportunity of working so closely with Arne Vodder. I wish you the best success in Australia with his sideboards.