Danish Beer Business

I was introduced to a great little Danish ale in a small Arrhus tavern, apparently 300 years old.

Pylle our resident Dane and investigator tracked down the brewery on a small island in Denmark, coincidently very close to where Pylle grew up. We visited the Brewery twice, the first time they just told me to come back as we hadn’t made an appointment. Clearly he had forgotten the conversation the day before where we did arrange a time!  so we left and then called and told him we would be back tomorrow.

Low and behold the same thing happened the next day, then it clicked he was not the most sober of brewers! He sat us in a room, cracked 2 beers turned on a DVD and walked out! Oookayyyyy! Pylle and I just looked at each other, laughed and drank the beer while watching what was possiblly the funniest home made video of how they make the beer.

We finally finished the beer and video, and walked back into the brewey. Suddenly the brewer seemed a lot happier, we tried ½ dozen different beers and talked about the brewing. Well, Pylle did, no English at all just the international language of beer.

The brewery has been around for almost 100 years, 3 generations of brewers in family, all made on site using local wheat etc. So I will keep you posted, we hope to have it in Australia before Xmas.

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