Moller Memories

I was recently reminded by a friend of just how far our pieces have to travel to begin their new life in our client’s homes. This often brings back memories of particular trips to Denmark.

On one of these trips I had a meeting planned with Jorgen Moller at the Moller factory and I had coincidently just found an original Brazilian rosewood sideboard by Jorgen's father, Niels Moller. I asked Jorgen if he remembered this design....... well he did.

His face lit up and Jorgen told me a wonderful story of how his father used to pay him 1DKK for every J.L.Moller stamp he tacked onto the sideboards, I could see it really brought him back to his childhood.

This confirms for me how in touch we are with the soul and history of these pieces.
Moller only used the highest quality rosewood and this can be seen in this model which has extraordinary grain.

Designer: Niels Moller
Designed: Early1950’s
Maker: J.L.Moller
Product code: F3424
Dimensions: 210cm x 48cm x H80cm

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