Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje is from the Netherlands and was a member of a def metal band. Apparently he had a child and somehow channeled his metal into this, another wonderful creation!

We are thrilled to be receiving some of his porcelain this Christmas; platters, dinner plates and an adorable egg cup. I saw these and our GM Megan, knew of Tord but I didn’t.  It immediately made me think of my daughter and how wonderful it would be for her to grow up remembering these beautiful porcelain, I guess like Bunnikens. 

We are currently choosing some of his fabric to have in our Showrooms also.  I’m also going to choose a couple of easy chairs that I want to cover in his fabric. Maybe a Plank Chair or Alf Svensen easy chair, both would look stunning and its fun to be able to do something with a sense of light and warmth.

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Virginia Blue - Director Blue Fruit said...

I love Tord Boontje's lights - but these ceramics are gorgeous too. Very delicate without being cute.