// The iconic #71 Exclusive to Great Dane

We have been working with Moller for many years and I have had the privilege of visiting the factory and meeting with the now owner and son of Jorgen Moller many times. He is always very chatty and recounts wonderful stories of his childhood coming to the factory with his father. One of the really fun stories was how he would come in after school and hammer the wonderful little metal mm on every piece of furniture, which they still do today, though he doesn’t do it anymore though. He was paid 10dkk per stamp!

I often wander through the factory, which I am kindly allowed to do, always finding little hidden sections of the workshop, that have clearly not been used for years as there is a thick layer of sawdust. I sometimes find wonderful old jigs that were used in the last or sample of wood or papercord. 

The smell is so vivid, I know it every time I walk into the workshop, in summer it is the warmth of the sun, combined with sawdust and oil, in winter it's crisp and fresh but the smell of the sawdust and wood and oil is a little more subtle. 

I feel very privileged to be able to experience these places, they have a soul that is such a joy to visit, when I visit I feel like a kid being allowed to walk around a factory, it really does push me to want to create and build more of the Scandinavian luxury we have become known for.

It was on one of these visits I started asking Morten Moller about the #71 dining chair, one of my favorites, we talked about how his dad used to drag the kids around the museums to look at antique jewelry as this was his inspiration for his designs. I asked and asked, every time I visited even if Morten wasn't there I asked, until finally 3 years on Morten agreed to produce the #71 in Oak. Only for Great Dane.

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