// Johansen

From humble beginnings

"I was at a factory in this incredible place surrounded by birch forests and down the back was this table covered in a blanket, and I could just see the corner of it. 
The story was that the original factory had gone bankrupt, and so it was bought by this one.
The designer is Mads Johansen, and that became the Johansen table."

 - Anton Assaad, Great Dane Founder

The Johansen table is a stunning example of the combination of classic Danish manufacturing techniques, compelling lines and the effect of natural shapes in perfect harmony met with a creative young Danish designer.

The Johansen Table is spectacular in all three timber choices and of particular note is the impressive three meter length grand ash version. Ash is a cool and strong hardwood; its fine brown streaks and clean subtle knots suit the Johansen’s deceptively simple nature. Its considered subtleties are a delight for any timber connoisseur who walks through our doors. 

The table top present an organic touch and unique design, with an overall grand yet understated appeal.

“The main idea was to make a tabletop with a new profile on the edge. I’m fascinated with bridges and their construction. There is a bridge in a Danish city called Vejle, where I got the inspiration for the curve on the edge”.

- Mads Johansen, Designer

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