Hook Me Up

The Dots Coat Hooks.

Made from oak and cut into soft round circles, The Dots coat hooks will treat any garment with care. Often called “the little” family, the coat hooks are a friendly addition to any wall.

The design allows you to arrange the hooks in a pattern that you prefer, and you can add and remove the dots at any time. Each set comes with three different sizes, one large, one medium and one small; and can come in different colours.

Jack n Jill Children’s Coat Hooks.

Inspired buy the iconic male and female symbols who direct us safely across the street,the Jack n Jill coat hooks are an individual and personable addition to your home, kidsrooms or office space.

Just in time for Christmas, the coat hooks are a great gift.

Made of powder coated steel and available in black, red and white; the young at heart and the young just might startpicking their clothes off the floor.

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