Limited Edition - Finn Juhl N45

The 45-chair was designed in 1945 and is regarded as one of the mainworks of Finn Juhl.

Finn was the first Dane to use teak for furniture production, and the 45 chair is very characteristic of the works of Finn Juhl to come because for the first time he separated the elegant frame construction from the comfortable upholstery part. This gave the furniture a lightness never seen before, which has formed a school and made Finn Juhl world-famous.

In connection with the opening of the HOME OF FINN JUHL exhibition at the museum Ordrupgaard, Great Dane has secured Australia's only Finn Juhl’s model 45. Only 100 of these exist worldwide. Available in Oxblood leather.

You must come in to see this beautiful piece.

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steph- whisk/spoon said...

hello. i am considering purchasing a pair of vintage 45 chairs in the US, and thought i would ask your advice on something. would you be leery of purchasing anything that isn't stamped, or is it quite common to find ones that do not bear a stamp? thank you!