Give Great Dane - Christmas 2012 - Part 4

Beci Orpin L O V E S Great Dane! 

1) String Shelving System 

2) Muuto Rest Sofa  

3) Muuto The Dots Coat Hooks

4) Lisa Larson Ceramic Lion  

5) Muuto Bulky Tea Set 

Her reasons are many, but of course for starters, The String System would solve all her studio storage dilemmas. Busy artists need comfy resting spots and The Rest Sofa is her ultimate, too lovely to cover up she says of the Muuto Dots, Beci counts ceramic artist Lisa Larson as a personal hero and the Bulky Tea Pot - well who doesn't love it?! 

Beci's new book Find and Keep by Beci Orpin published by Hardie Grant Books is a treasure for anyone who loves or is seeking some creative inspiration! 

Thanks Beci you are a gem.

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