// How Great Dane Creates - New Year Windows

The products you see in our showrooms are much more than just the result of quick selection and a refined eye. They are also a direct reflection of a well-nurtured relationship and many a conversation, over the phone or in person, with our trusty manufacturers in Scandinavia. Previous blog posts have talked about this connection, excitement and collaboration for example here.

This January our windows pay homage to creation and the fine skill levels our chosen craftsmen and designers past and present have achieved.

We take just as much pride in our window displays, we always have! It's a great way to communicate our fundamental ideas and interact with passers by and customers alike.

For the month of January our showroom windows are teeming with tools, elements and symbols of the creation process. If you aren't lucky enough to live a stroll away from the showrooms here is a little taste of what’s in the windows this January:

All taken in the sun drenched Prahran Showroom windows.

From the top- Front large window as seen from Commercial Rd; Traditional wood carving tools; Wood planes; Colonial Chair by Ole Wanscher; Small window display. 

Keep this blog bookmarked as this month we are excited to posting more stories relating to how Great Dane Creates.

We hope you are having a great start to 2013! 


Bobs Furniture said...

I absolutely love this!! The piece is beautiful and that color is gorgeous!!

Bobs Furniture

Anton Assaad said...

Thank you Bobs Furniture! It is a stunning piece of design and workmanship, Very deserving of the front window!