// Great Dane's Scandinavian Trip 2013

Part One

Running a Scandinavian furniture company does come with it perks...

Every now and then I venture abroad to work alongside our craftsman's creating innovative designs, explore the Headquarters of our producers and design partners, and immerse in all that is Scandinavian culture and find inspiration from the historical architecture lining the streets.

Our friend, talented designer Gry Holmskov of Danish brand addinterior (who we wrote about here) was kind enough to  take me on an outing to the Henrik Vibskov - Neck Plus Ultra Exhibition at the GL Strand Gallery of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.

Among various colours, geometrical shapes and a refine work on textile, the artist mixed the use of visual, audio, and tactile senses together. The "Stiff Neck Chamber" consisted of bird necks hanging down from the ceiling and a hypnotic walk through spinning tunnels, providing an ultra-stimulating experience, going from one state to another.

With knitted sculptures, Henrik Vibskov unfolds the exhibition's overall narrative - an exploration of rituals and transitions as well as attempts to make sense of complex structures.

The gallery's interiors also caught my eye. The combination endless of pale timber floors, the clean crisp stairways, contrasting geometry and the intrinsic architrave was magical, added to the whimsical nature of the exhibition. 

Thanks Denmark! 

Part Two Coming Soon...

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