// Arne Vodder's Iconic #26 Sideboard

More than 60 years after its first conception legendary designer Arne Vodder is still being celebrated exclusively at Great Dane with his soft modernist designs.

Born in Denmark in 1926, architect Arne Vodder studied in Copenhagen under his friend and mentor the legendary Danish designer Finn Juhl. The pair later worked together as they went on to establish themselves as the pre-eminent Scandinavian designers of the mid-century period.
In 1951, Arne began collaborating with designer Anton Berg, the pair working together on over 1000 modular housing projects with one of the Denmark’s largest builders.

Signature Vodder organic shapes.

Visiting Arne while we began production.

                                                                                                 The Vodder #26 Sideboard - only at Great Dane

The pieces are crafted in Denmark from American walnut and European oak by Danish cabinetmakers working to Vodder’s exacting specifications, in a production process approved and overseen by the architect himself. 

Arne’s designs are instantly recognisable adopting the clean lines of the modernists, but without the hard edge. They resonate with a human, organic element, often with a soft lip and a tactile feel to draw the eye and create a sense of warmth and comfort.

The Vodder #26 Sideboard - only at Great Dane.

Back into production. Anton and Arne in the factory talking design and perfecting the Vodder range.

                                                                   The Vodder #26 Sideboard - only at Great Dane.


                                                                 The Vodder #26 Sideboard - only at Great Dane.

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